Why Stocks? And Trust the LEI

The last three weeks have seen equity investors’ patience tested, and considering the last three weeks have all ended negative in US equity markets, it’s no wonder. Investors more than ever are questioning the validity and portfolio sustainability of equities. Some may have already reduced their equity exposure altogether, while some may have turned to a higher bond allocation, but does this work, and is it right for you?
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Investing 101

If you’re new to investing, some of the information on the Internet can be downright confusing. While investing itself is fairly straightforward, many people find themselves shying away from the entire process because they simply don’t understand the terminology, which can be somewhat overwhelming.

So here is a rundown of common investing terms that every investor should become familiar with:


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Art as an Investment

Are you an investor looking to diversify your investments, or perhaps you’re a new investor looking for something other than traditional stocks and bonds to invest in. No matter what your situation, investing in art can prove to be lucrative, if you do your research. While novice art investors can be initially intimidated by their lack of knowledge in the field, educating yourself as to the variety of options available will go far in reducing that intimidation.

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