Q3: Where Are Markets Headed?

Clients ask us this question often, and we’re sure they are asked the same question by their peers. Of course, the answer is, “No one knows where markets are headed—if someone did, they would quit work and invest every penny in the market they knew would rise the most!” We all know this question doesn’t have a true answer, but that knowledge doesn’t seem to stop us from asking it. And it doesn’t stop some asset managers from answering it.
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Why Stocks? And Trust the LEI

The last three weeks have seen equity investors’ patience tested, and considering the last three weeks have all ended negative in US equity markets, it’s no wonder. Investors more than ever are questioning the validity and portfolio sustainability of equities. Some may have already reduced their equity exposure altogether, while some may have turned to a higher bond allocation, but does this work, and is it right for you?
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